The History of Our Church

BibleIn 1790, a local society of Methodist were meeting in Milton at the homes of its members. In Janurary of 1802 land was purchased on Chestnut Street, and soon after a frame chapel was built and given the name Goshen and the congregation continued to grow and prosper.

By 1874, the congregation was in need of a bigger church, and purchased land on Federal Street. Construction of a new sanctuary was completed in 1879.

Front of the church in Milton DelawareThe Goshen congregation continued to grow. By 1950, the church on Federal Street could no longer house the group, and was in need of repair. By 1960, land was secured and the present church was formally opened on April 22, 1962.

Today, Goshen is still part of the same Methodist Movement reaching out with Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors.

We are a global congregation seeking to introduce others to the love of God visibly given to all people through his son Jesus Christ.